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  • Air Fryer Sticky Sesame Ginger Chicken Tenders | Gluten Free

    These sweet, sticky, and savory sesame ginger chicken tender will give your favorite wing spot a run for their money. One bite and you'll be hooked.
  • Restaurant Style Air Fryer Calamari | Gluten Free

    Our salt and pepper inspired air fryer calamari is tender and flavorful inside, while being light and crispy on the outside. Kicked up a notch with our gluten-free Tamari Ginger Seasoning, our calamari serves up everything you love about this restaurant favorite, with none of the deep-fried guilt.
  • Buttermilk Air Fried Chicken and Brown Butter Bourbon Waffles | Gluten Free

    This iconic brunch duo gets the Station 1923 treatment — making it gluten free and better for you while bringing major flavor! In this dish, our buttermilk fried chicken is made in the air fryer, serving up tons of satisfying crunch and savory goodness. And our star of the show is the brown butter bourbon waffles— jam-packed with sweet, rich, and aromatic Maple Cinnamon flavor.


  • Easy Air Fried Okra (Gluten Free, Too!)

    What’s better than munching on a handful of crispy, golden, perfectly fried okra? Munching on several handfuls of without guilt because it’s air fried! If you love this crispy southern classic but don’t want the extra fat and calories from deep frying, this quick and easy air fried okra recipe is for you!

  • 5 Tips for Crispy, Golden Air Fryer Results Every Time

    With these five air fryer tips, you can enjoy chicken wings, tenders, popcorn bites, fries, shrimp, and fish with crispy exteriors that give you the deep-fried feeling — minus the grease and extra calories. Read on to learn the game-changing tips and tricks to achieve crispy, golden brown air fryer results with all the satisfying crunch — and none of the guilt.