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Next stop: whatever dish your heart desires! All Aboard! Everyday Seasoning is a garden-fresh fusion that combines over a dozen herbs and spices for a savory, full-flavor experience that livens up any meal.

All Aboard! Everyday Seasoning is a sultry 5-pepper blend accented with fragrant onion, garlic, bright notes of coriander, and topped with a drizzle of sweet honey – setting the new standard for "everyday" cooking.

Whether you're a seasoned home cook or just learning your way around the kitchen, All Aboard! Everyday Seasoning is your trusty companion to make every meal a memorable one.

No need to search through endless recipes or grab multiple bottles from the cabinet to season your food. We've done all the work for you in this bottle of Station 1923 All Aboard! Everyday Seasoning. We make cooking delicious meals fuss-free, so you have more time and energy outside of the kitchen. 

Cook with confidence using Station 1923!


Honey (sugar, honey), Onion, Spices, Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Aleppo Pepper, Bell Pepper, and Jalapeño.

Tastes Great On

Poultry • Seafood • Beef • Pork  • Vegetables • Plant-Based Foods • Sides

Heads Up

  • Shake before use
  • Keep tightly closed when not in use
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Item sold by weight, not volume. Contents may settle during shipping.


Freshly mixed, measured, and made by hand in Los Angeles.

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